Exporting graph editor data as JSON from Adobe After Effects

Recently I've designed a splash screen animation for my Chroma game development framework in After Effects and wanted to export animation data directly to JSON, so I could procedurally replicate it without having to export the entire thing to a 10MB-large sprite sheet. My Google searches proved fruitless, so I set out to write my own script.

vdd - February 13, 2021

Archiving CodePlex Archive

Half a year later I'm still publishing stuff. Yay, what a fucking breath of fresh air.

In case you haven't noticed, they're shutting down CodePlex Archive. I've set to back that thing up without a second thought. I wrote a tool to help facilitate this effort. When the process is done, I'll probably host a website allowing everyone to browse the archived projects for free. Impatient? You're free to build the tool and download a copy of the archive for yourself.

In case you don't like .NET and/or C# for some reason, the search API usage should be clear, it's located in the file called ProjectArchiver.cs.

An important note: their search API allows to skip up to 100,000 projects for any search query. Not sure if there are more, but I'll be sure to provide an update when I figure it out.

vdd - February 4, 2021

Chroma Framework - development update #4

Yes! I'm not dead! In fact, there have been MANY changes in Chroma since the last update. Come, see!

vdd - July 25, 2020

Chroma Framework - development update #3

This development update is going to be rather short because there was a thing that happened in my life that I completely did not predict and let's just say I'm very involved with a special someone, so don't have too much time to work on Chroma in June. I didn't come back empty-handed though. There's stuff inside, come in!

vdd - June 20, 2020

Chroma Framework - development update #2

It's been almost a month since I last wrote anything on this piece of shit blog of mine. I did not come back empty-handed, however! Here's some more details on how Chroma moved forward.

vdd - May 17, 2020

Chroma Framework - development update #1

Whew. It's been a while. Between personal issues and quarantine I've managed to create quite a lot of stuff for Chroma. Here are some of these...

vdd - April 21, 2020