Loading lk.img from Mediatek devices into IDA for analysis

Hey! Lately I've been analyzing stage 2 Mediatek bootloader component: the Little Kernel-based bootstrap system. I figured it might be helpful to describe to others the process I've used to load it into IDA.

vdd - January 21, 2024 • titan

Game Development Log #0 - The Setup

Hi. These entries won't be super-spectacular or useful because their purpose is to help me keep track of work done and as a thought dumping place. If you want to ignore these, feel free to, otherwise go ahead, follow along.

vdd - January 1, 2024 • gamedev-log

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 2022 - MediaTek WLAN woes et al

It's been almost a month since I got my lovely Zephyrus G14 '22 and it was a tough beast to befriend, however - like humans - machines have their own personalities and you have to take time in order to understand what hurts and where exactly when you poke them in various places to fully take advantage of them. I'll probably add more stuff here as I go.

vdd - August 25, 2022 • general

Reliably bringing a window to front using Xlib with C

Sometimes you want to activate a window that doesn't belong to you. I wasted way too much time for that knowledge to be lost, so I'm just going to share it here. One would think XRaiseWindow is straightforward enough, but no. Not at all.

vdd - January 2, 2022 • general

Exporting graph editor data as JSON from Adobe After Effects

Recently I've designed a splash screen animation for my Chroma game development framework in After Effects and wanted to export animation data directly to JSON, so I could procedurally replicate it without having to export the entire thing to a 10MB-large sprite sheet. My Google searches proved fruitless, so I set out to write my own script.

vdd - February 13, 2021 • general

Archiving CodePlex Archive

This post is no longer valid.

Half a year later I'm still publishing stuff. Yay, what a fucking breath of fresh air.

In case you haven't noticed, they're shutting down CodePlex Archive. I've set to back that thing up without a second thought. I wrote a tool to help facilitate this effort. When the process is done, I'll probably host a website allowing everyone to browse the archived projects for free. Impatient? You're free to build the tool and download a copy of the archive for yourself.

In case you don't like .NET and/or C# for some reason, the search API usage should be clear, it's located in the file called ProjectArchiver.cs.

An important note: their search API allows to skip up to 100,000 projects for any search query. Not sure if there are more, but I'll be sure to provide an update when I figure it out.

vdd - February 4, 2021 • general