Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 2022 - MediaTek WLAN woes et al

It's been almost a month since I got my lovely Zephyrus G14 '22 and it was a tough beast to befriend, however - like humans - machines have their own personalities and you have to take time in order to understand what hurts and where exactly when you poke them in various places to fully take advantage of them. I'll probably add more stuff here as I go.

MediaTek WLAN

First of all, let me start with one of the biggest complaints in the community about this laptop - the stock MediaTek MT7922 wireless network adapter. To say it was a disappointment initially would be a huge understatement. The network card driver would cause a bugcheck shortly after starting a process of downloading huge amounts of data - for instance, games via Steam - over 802.11ax standard.

I was more than certain this isn't a hardware issue, but rather a driver issue and I was correct in my assumption. The newest driver versions don't seem to play well with MT7922 at all - they seem to have much worse fault tolerance. This is why I recommend staying on version of the driver, which I'm linking here for your convenience. You can download and extract the relevant .CAB yourself by searching the Windows Update Catalog with the search term of PCI\VEN_14C3&DEV_7922&SUBSYS_53001A3B&REV_00. Select the package version for Vibranium, use 7-Zip to extract and then manually install via Device Manager.

Windows 11

Don't like Windows 11? No problem, you can just install Windows 10 and it'll be automatically activated because the license that comes with Zephyrus G14 seems to be valid for Windows 10 just as well. At least it was for me at the time of writing this message.

Overheating and restarts while gaming at 144Hz

Turns out this isn't as much of a hardware failure, like I originally expected, as it is an issue of the compound retardation of myself and ASUS. My assumption about the software was that it'd steer the damn fans according to its working temperature - y'know, for example in Turbo mode I expect the machine to be fucking LOUD - but it didn't. When doing gaming at 144Hz you want to crank the fan curve as high as possible for both CPU and GPU fans - yes, this machine has a separate fan for the GPU, and when that one overheats it sends your machine into the merry world of audio buffer remnant cacophony before hard-rebooting the machine.

What I ended up doing is this:

For the GPU.

For the CPU.

The sPPT values don't matter as long as you got your fans on the speen.

Services unnecessary at runtime

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