Hi. I'm vdd.

I am a computer programmer, but I don't limit myself to just programming. It's boring when you do the same thing over and over again - I also do software and hardware reverse engineering, electronic circuit design, and some other nerdy stuff as a hobby. This unfortunately leads to me being a notorious electronics hoarder. Way to introduce myself, huh?

What I use to do my job
My main tools of trade when doing the usual things are Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider, the C# language and WPF. I love designing pretty, minimal UIs and creating the best user experience possible. There's just something about it that gives me lots and lots of satisfaction... The focus on content and an efficient way to present it, instead of everything else around it. I do "the nerdy stuff" with everything else, to keep me out of burnout's way - some OSdev in x86 Assembly and C, some reversing of old printer control chips and re-purposing LCD screens from other devices for my own projects, fixing old consoles for myself and other people... Anything that uses electricity is a way to let the creative and logical me go wild.

Personal preferences
I quite like the blue, pink and green colors. I really like visual minimalism, but you already knew that if you read the above paragraph or noticed something about this very website's theme. My favorite number is... any number I feel like in any given moment... I guess? I like pizza without pineapple (wtf? blasphemy!). My favorite sauce is ketchup+mayo mix. I love the freedoms of MIT license, but given its double-edged sword nature I've learned to love GPL and the likes more. Despite of how the website looks, I prefer dark color schemes over the light ones for work - they are just more visually appealing to me.