Game Development Log #0 - The Setup

Hi. These entries won't be super-spectacular or useful because their purpose is to help me keep track of work done and as a thought dumping place. If you want to ignore these, feel free to, otherwise go ahead, follow along.

Project rebooted. I've successfully imported basic dependencies the game will be using as well as written foundations for the scripting environment (EVIL, obviously) - it is now able to compile and run scripts sequentially either from a content provider or directly from a provided source; a caching mechanism is also present. Globals have been set up nicely and the core engine callbacks are now hooked up to the virtual OS kernel methods.

Next up:

  • Set up some kind of persistence using a virtual disk image.
  • Set up an abstraction for directories in the root of the virtual drive to isolate path navigation, since both game data like progression, internet device filesystems and the user's local filesystem are stored on the same virtual disk drive.
  • Extend the script manager to be able to run scripts from the virtual disk image.

Extra goals:

  • Writing a reliable way to serialize EVIL tables to a file and de-serialize them as well.

Next post is due in 7 days or when all the goals have been finished.

vdd - January 1, 2024 • gamedev-log