Chroma Framework - development update #4

Yes! I'm not dead! In fact, there have been MANY changes in Chroma since the last update. Come, see!

Beta phase

Yeah! We're in beta phase now. This means less adding features and more stabilizing the entire system. Patching bugs and so on. Excitement intensifies, as we go for 1.0 by the end of this year!

New default scene

Project template

You can now create a solid base for your game projects using dotnet templates! How? Here's how!

dotnet new -i Chroma.GameTemplate
dotnet new chromagame -n MyLovelyGame

Laziness, comfort, perfection!

Simplified API

Window operations were greatly simplified by killing off the unnecessary WindowProperties container class. Now you can easily modify window states using properties located in Window class directly. It's that easy!

Many examples. Examples!

People complained about lack of documentation. Gee. Have your docs. See Chroma Docs page and enjoy!

Custom content providers

The more adventurous people can now try and create their own resource loaders or customize the existing logic of FileSystemContentProvider.

Discord screen sharing

It has been fixed. We don't talk about Discord screen sharing anymore. Don't. Ask.

Many other improvements

Full list is available here.

Exciting times ahead of this project. Now I can actually go back and finish that hacking game of mine which prompted the implementation of Chroma. Such a relief. Oh, also, don't be shy - give Chroma a try someday, it's really nice and comfy once you get started with it!

Until next time!
~ vdd

vdd - July 25, 2020 • general