imagine this is scrolling for dramatic effect ^

The documentation for Chroma Framework is pretty much non-existent right now. Someday, when I stop being a lazy bitch, I'll write a few no-bullshit "getting started" tutorials and best practice examples, but that's going to be pretty much it. Chroma's API is written in such a way one should be able to infer the usage from function prototypes suggested by IntelliSense alone. Besides, XML comments clutter the code. Fuck doc-gen comments. The person inventing documentation comments in source files should sit in hell next to Hitler.

Disagree with this approach? Well too fucking bad, fork this project and propose changes, or use something else written by a person not as self-centered as I am.

It's not like there isn't an abundance of that shit anyway...

How do I..?

...get started with this beautiful creation of yours?
...draw a shape?
...draw MANY shapes?
...draw textures?
...draw directly to a texture?
...draw directly to a texture but with actual explanation?
...use a camera?
...copy or paste something?
...modify window states or change screen resolution?
...use the Xbox controller?
...create a custom content provider?
...make a custom cursor?
...sort drawing calls for whatever reason?
...use fonts?
...make my text colorful and wibbly-wobbly? sounds and music?
...make particles?
...use shaders?
...clip my drawing calls to a certain region?
...process text input?