Chroma Framework - development update #1

Whew. It's been a while. Between personal issues and quarantine I've managed to create quite a lot of stuff for Chroma. Here are some of these...

  • Really robust XBOX Game Controller support.
  • Solid mouse/keyboard handling.
  • Powerful font rendering system with glyph transformation support.
  • Support for OpenGL 3.0+
  • Pixel and Vertex shader support.
  • Convenience content management pipeline.
  • Automatic native library extractor with boot configuration capability.
  • Support for Windows and Linux out-of-box.
  • Nice and consistent logging system.
  • Intuitive API.
  • A complete lack of documentation.

Okay, the last one is not a feature, I just suck at writing docs - don't we all, fellow one-man-army developers? Obvious things missing are a proper audio system and macOS support. Former because I threw it out and never remembered to post a GitHub issue for it. Latter because I'm a poorfag who can't a afford a macOS machine to compile natives for it myself.

The framework is not public yet, it will go public when it hits alpha stage, and the alpha deadline is set to June 30th 2020.

Here's an example of the glyph transform in action - about 7 lines of code in a lambda expression.
what's the cummotion

vdd - April 21, 2020 • general