Chroma Framework - development update #3

This development update is going to be rather short because there was a thing that happened in my life that I completely did not predict and let's just say I'm very involved with a special someone, so don't have too much time to work on Chroma in June. I didn't come back empty-handed though. There's stuff inside, come in!

Particle system

Chroma got a pretty efficient and flexible particle system, can take any Texture, including a RenderTarget or a SpriteSheet, or even an Animation - procedural/animated particle generation will be easy thanks to that. Custom state mutators are supported as well.

Turn the volume down before playing the videos. I listen to music while developing my stuff (duh!).

You said... SpriteSheets?

Indeed! I have started a sattelite library project called Chroma.Shine. It will have many quality-of-life things that I'd love to be used by developers commonly, but don't feel like they belong to Chroma core itself.

Alpha release is near

June 30th is the date I will make the sources for the framework public and available for everyone to share and modify. Just keep in mind this is not ready for production yet, rather for research and development. The API is not considered stable in the alpha stage, but you already knew it because you know what SemVer is. (:

vdd - June 20, 2020 • general