Customizations and changes

So... I figured Bludit isn't going to cut it in its raw state, so I'm modifying its core to tailor it to my needs.

One of those is the fucking theme. I couldn't find a single well-made theme that suits my needs - to be fair I never do - so I took the alternative theme and modified it so it doesn't hurt my sense of aesthetics.

The second one so far is to modify the 404 system so the theme takes over, rather than the content. I had to modify the url.class.php to provide a new WHERE_AM_I value "404" whenever 404 occurs, and in the init.php in the theme I just add a new case to the switch going over that WHERE_AM_I thing. Then I just wrote the 404 page in PHP as I would any other theme part. I also removed the 404 page setting from admin panel. So much for compliance with mainline version. Check that shit out, though.

Going forward I am considering that social stuff icons into footer maybe? We'll see. Knowing me it'll be lots of trial and error before I settle on something.

vdd - January 11, 2020